Fashion for Life – Part 1

Fashion for Life is here boys and girls, and it is time to make our shopping addiction benefit our yearly RFL fundraising efforts.

I am going most likely going to generate a few posts about my little shopping spree around the sims. The one thing I was worried about was lag, and frankly it was for naught since the regions were not over crouded and lag was very “reasonable”, well if I can really describe lag as  “reasonable”.

I have not gone on a massive shopping spree, but I picked up a few items here and there. So here is my first stop at leezu with a quick detour at Elikatira.

I totally loved that dress which comes with 3 different skirts, I couldn’t decide if I liked the long one or the short with the little bows better. Decisions, decisions….

Style card:

Dress: LeeZu! Lizz Flexi Dress /gray

Shoes: [e] Move Pumps – Near Black & Powder (FFL Exclusive)

Necklace: [MANDALA]Pearl Rain Jewelry Set – silver


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