ANEXX New release

Those who have known me a while know that White is my signature color, so when I saw those adorable new booties on the ANEXX feed yesterday, I ran like the wind cause of course I knew I had the perfect outfit in mind for them!

Come to think of it, with all the white clothes in my inventory, I should not be running out of interesting combos anytime soon! In the meantime… PEACE!

PS: AOHARU also is offering near their landing spot the same shirt in Red for only L$50 to benefit the fundraising efforts in Japan! So grad yourself one, it’s a bargain!

Style Card:

Top: AOHARU Dungaree Long Shirt in White

Skirt: AOHARU Lace Ruffle Skirt in White

Shoes: ANEXX Ankle Laceup Boots in White

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