Glam Affair Skins: Mary

I have always been wary of skins in SL. Let me put it this way, when it comes to skins I am most picky.  As you have noticed frommy posting history my SL heart belongs to Lara Skins with a side of cheating with LeLutka!

However, ever since the Dressing Room, I have been quite good at picking up the Glam Affair skins.  To be honest I do not wear them, Maybe for a shoot or for fun!

I consider them I don’t know more I would say “Made Up” and I like the natural feel and softness that Lara gives me.  Don’t misinterpret what I am saying, they are stunningly gorgeous skins but they are not for me for daily use.

My main grievance would be the lips! Don’t even get me started, with every new release I struggle to make my mouth look nice and not have any odd pixellation of the skin around the lips.  So it is a bit of a struggle to play with the sliders and fix the mouth area. May I suggest actually getting settings suggestion just for the lips when releasing the skins? Takes me forever, and the result is never all that great! I think a little NC with some suggestion wouldn’t be bad. Just like we get the perfect eyebrow shape. Am I unreasonable here?

Which did not stop me, from buying the Mary – Ice for FFL! (Top Row)

And yesterday, with the new Dressing Room, came another special TDR edition of Mary with 5 extra Tattoo lipsticks (Not really my colors, but might come in handy one day). The TDR release is slightly too dark for me, but I could certainly rock it in summer and pretend I got tanned on the beach, right!!!???

As I said, I am not criticizing, I know other fashion blogger that are better than me at analyzing every pixel of a skin! So if you are a Glam Affair or a TDR fan, go for it! Well worth the 70L price tag at TDR!

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