In Awe of Layla

When the word Fair comes up in SL, for me it is synonym of lag, impossible to access areas and tons of frustrations.

I heard about the skin and shape fair, and I was really curious to have a quick look.  My shape is my own and I have never bought any in over 4 years of me being in SL.

I looked to see if Lara Hurley was going to be displaying a new skin and she wasn’t, so overall the event went under my “I don’t care!” system folder in my head, UNTIL….

Well until I saw the preview of Layla Skin that Aida Ewing posted on her blog before yesterday. (

Boy did I fall head over heels with it, I saw that gorgeous red lippy and I was sold. So I headed over there yesterday, and miracle of miracles landed at my first try and ran straight to Glam Affair.

I picked up the Natural Fatpack (let’s go crazy!) the extra lipsticks and even the Flower Bomb Set. Did I mention the sad state of my Linden balance? ROFL….

And here it is…

I have shown here some (Not all variations are seen) of the stunningly gorgeous make ups available, but I have to say that my heart goes straight to the gorgeous red lips.  Even the one with the more purple dark tome lipstick is STUNNING!!!

I found that Glam Affair skins look better on me when I am a brunette, my previous post about Mary from TDR is proof.  The Blonde version is gorgeous as well, but for some reason with Glam I go back to being dark.

My one observation and it is certainly not a negative comment of any kind, is that I tend to favour Lara’s skins because of the fresh pink undertones to her skins. Sometimes I feel that GA in Natural (Pale/Light way too light) need a bit of that pinkyness, the body is too “brown”.

Again, as I said, that is my own personal taste, and it is not going to stop me from rocking this skin all over the grid.


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