La Polemique du Jour!

Call me crazy but I went back again to the shoe fair for more shopping, could I ever have enough? And right by the Baiastice store was Pixel Mode. I frankly had never heard of it before, and when I launched a quick search on google while the region was loading, I found Gogo’s blog about the shoes and also the extra blog explaining that she had a hard time with the HUDs.

To be honest, I am with Gogo there 150%!!! I wear mostly Lara Skins and matching it with scultped feet is often times a nightmare, SLink is one of the few where it is easy with a few clicks. I think it is that extra Brightness slider that makes a difference for me; I also love Maitreya a lot, I never had problems with them. However N-CORE HUDs make me cry…  I was never able to match my Lara skins properly to them but no problem with LeLutka or Glam Affair Skins.

Back to those stunningly gorgeous Fae Wedges, well yes I love them… after reading the post I admit I was weary of them, but I was wearing my Glam Affair Layla skin, I do not know if it was sheer luck or not but I managed to get it as right as I could.

Plus have you seen the skin detail? I was really pleasantly surprised.

All Scultped feet hands and other body parts are always a challenge, some skins are likely easier to be matched than others.  What is the solution to his specific problem, I wonder!?


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  1. Hello,

    indeed sculpted feet and hands are always a challenge. It depends so much on your skin, your settings, even your graphic card. I don’t believe there is a solution as long as the texture on the attachment are not the same as the one of your skin. And even then, the textures on the prims are so much better rendered than on the avatar mesh that we wouldn’t be happy.

    I don’t know if you are aware of it but a notecard was sent on the Pixel Mode subscribo to help with the tinting of the feet to help to match several popular skins. Thanks to that notecard, it took me 2 minutes to have a very good result. I don’t know if they have the numbers for Lara Hurley skins though. It is worth a check.


    • hi Tranquill,

      I am totally in agreement with you. I do the best I can with my machine, and most of the time I do believe I get it right.
      I was just actually thinking that skin designers should start creating the scultped hands and feet to match their skins as well. The vast majority already do eyes, shapes etc.. and quite a few provide clothing, shoes and so on.. I would deduct why not create their own sets as well to match their skins.
      What do you think?

      I saw yes, and that was so great, and I also saw that she was on a temporary basis closing down her store. I was actually looking forward to having a closer look at her other designs. However, for having endured a year of RL hell as well, I do understand and empathise.

      Ps: Love the hair in your picture


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