Say Say Say…

I do realise this blog title is a bit our of nowhere, but that is the first song that popped into my itunes when I turned in on so early in the morning; an old classic and usually hard to get outa my head.

Back to business, Truth has it’s weekly release and I am totally in love with June (comes in 2 models) as it does not stands in the front melding with chests and other prims.. YAY! I also went to Addict and picked up this lovely Luna dress.

My one tiny observation is that it is a tad too short, I would have preferred it to be just a bit longer and cover the private parts slightly better, but all in all really a lovely dress and fabulous design.

Say Say Say...


Hair: TRUTH HAIR June –  browns (New)

Dress: -[AddiCt] – LUNA in Rose (New)

Jewelry: Donna Flora ORGANICA set

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