Unisex gone uber sexy!

I have been a bad bad girl, those sexy creations from Tableau Vivant have been in my inventory for a little while and I figured they deserved something special. I realise quite a few posts have been made about the creation of this new brand by the team behind my beloved Glam Affair, but I needed to give it my all.

Tableau Vivant from what I have seen is a collection of amazing items going from props for photography, clothing, accessories and more…

I am going to show you for starters the lovely Aeneas Tops coming in 4 version, some more revealing…

Aeneas Tops by Tableau Vivant Part Deux

some slightly more discreet…

Aeneas Tops by Tableau Vivant

and here combined with 2 different pants/leggings…

Tableau Vivant Unisex gone sexy

Told ya! Sexy as hell, and I certainly will not allow the boys to have all the fun…
I will have more to show you as well, so lets wait for the Tableau Vivant Part 2…

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