Angel Supermodel

Sunday afternoon, it’s hot and I am still tired! It’s the slow countdown to my august 10 day cruise with my SL brother Bert. So I decided to clean up my desktop – it is quite full of a zillion SL snapshots.

Some good ones got placed in Dropbox for future fun with – in the odd event I get to be any good with PS (I crack myself up sometimes!!) and the rest well to the trashcan as they will not be used or were already featured in posts.

Under the mess, I uncovered the 2 shots I took a few weeks back at Blacklace and at Egoisme.

Do I qualify as a supermodel now?

As you know I was featured as the Centrefold for HBM magazine under Blacklace’s sponsorship, so Mariska got my awesome pic on the wall! Need I say I nearly fell off my chair when I saw it?

And well… my very good friend Ramses Meredith – owner of Egoisme allowed me to play supermodel and pose for the promo texture of the Gogo girl outfit recently released! I ended up as a massive poster on one of the main buildings!!!

Now I wonder… where will I be next?

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