Midsummer at Fishy Strawberry

Fishy Strawberry has that way of always surprising me with amazing new releases. Flirty, feminine or glam, there is always something to suit everyone! I spotted the latest release on my Flickr stream yesterday morning while I was at work and I waited patiently (meaning all day) for the release to be available in store.

Let me start off with the Midsummer Top and Dress. I love the detail work and the very judicial choice of colors. To sum it up, perfect for summer and beyond. Both are classic designs, so I do not see them being out of date anytime soon.

*Fishy Strawberry* Midsummer Dream Top and Midsummer Dream Dress

*Fishy Strawberry* Midsummer Dream Top – Silver

~Tableau Vivant~ Metrosexual line ~ Jay pants

*Fishy Strawberry* Midsummer Dream Dress – Nude

The second part of the release is what I am now calling the ” Tropics”, both Cancer and Capricorn same design different pattern. An interesting mix of classy and sexy at the same time.  I can even tell you now that I may be wearing my Tropic of Cancer in red quite quite often!

*Fishy Strawberry* Tropic of Cancer and  Tropic of Capricorn

*Fishy Strawberry* Tropic of Cancer – Red

*Fishy Strawberry* Tropic of Capricorn – Sky

Donna Flora ORGANICA set

Quite an impressive little collection all in all… I cannot wait to see what is coming next!

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