The Whole Truth…

It seems to me that Truth Hawks has been really busy these past few days. With the grand opening of Truth District and new hair releases. Right now I will focus on what is new to the main store.

Truth has also released gifts at the Truth District location, but it is such lag hell that after 5 crashes, I gave up and will wait a few days till it cools down a bit to go have a better look and grab them!

>TRUTH< Darcey & Darcey 2

>TRUTH< Darcey –  light blondes

>TRUTH< Darcey 2 –  light blondes

>TRUTH< Jean and Summer

>TRUTH< Jean –  light blondes

>TRUTH< Summer –  light browns

and last but not least…

>TRUTH< Pandora -  light blondes worn with EarthStones Gem Clip - Butterflies

>TRUTH< Pandora –  light blondes worn with EarthStones Gem Clip – Butterflies

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