Hair Fair: Exile

My biggest pet peeve in SL is over-crouded crazy laggy regions. However, one cannot stay too long away from the Hair Fair. I had to drag myself out there whilst muffling a lot of unlady-like curses between the lag and the crashes.

For this reason, I decided I would go there on different occasions and pick designers I know and see what is out there.

I blogged Shag earlier on and now I will go on to Exile.

::Exile:: Bailey and Lady Versailles

::Exile:: Bailey: Light Blondes

::Exile:: Lady Versailles: Light Browns

There are other styles available at the fair that I did not pick up. Will likely do so when they get placed in the main store.

Also included with the Exile display a lovely gift!

Exile: Audra Hair fair Gift Set
Exile: Audra Hair fair Gift Set

I am totally excited that one of the 4 main colors in the pack is Stefani! so YAY and TY Kavar!!!!

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