Nude in Maitreya

Today seems to be Maitreya day for me!

I saw yesterday the blog post from Onyx showing the new releases in clothing and shoes and I decided to have a look. Come to think of it, I am quite sure I have one of each pair of Maitreya Gold shoes ever released under that label.
The skin matchign HUD is superb and I never had a problem with it for my Lara Skin. In that respect, pretty much as awesome as as the Slink HUD.

When it comes to Maitreya, I have always focused more on shoes and on the hair more than the clothing. However, what I saw today was truly impressive. Teh only color I picked up today was nude! Skin/Earth tones are flattering to all, and I was too lazy to do my usual wardrobe matching in my head when I was shopping.

Let’s start with this stunning one shoulder dress…

MAITREYA One Shoulder Dress

Maitreya Asymmetric Dress – Nude

Then, followed by the shirt! I love it, it is quite certain I would walk around the house like this, and my boyfriend might still object on the ground that I am over-dressed! That is men for you!!!

MAITREYA - Belted Boyfriend Blouse

Maitreya Boyfriend Shirt – Nude

Last but not least, the beautiful pair of Allegre heels! They go with pretty much everything worn above and more.. the little straps are so pretty and they are color changeable.

Maitreya Gold Allègre


Maitreya Gold * Allegre Nude

Are you going to make me say it???

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