50L Goodies

I love 55L Thursday and 50L fridays in SL. Most of the time I do not miss on the Miel release and this week early this morning I was able to catch this lovely top and necklace from PurpleMoon.  The was a lovely long dress as well, but I did not get it as I have so many already in a wide array of colors. It made no sense to me to add one more.

50L Goodies!

As I came back again in world, my friend Mandy told me that the Gos Curvaceous Boots in white were available for FLF! I am not displaying them here, but you know you will se eme wearing them pretty soon! So run ladies run!

Finally before I go, those lovely shades are from Miel, they come in 2 patterns for the frame, are available for FLF!

You know what I am going to say….

Style Card:

Top: :: PM :: Lily Top in Purple

Necklace: :: PM :: Feather Necklace – Air Tones

Shades: MIEL BELLA PEEPERS Sunglasses

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