Exiled Away

It is barley Saturday morning, and I am already tired and paying the price of a late night!  However, I was totally psyched when I saw Kavar’s blog post on new releases!!!

I love Exile hair! I don’t always get it all, but when it is good, it is AMAZING!

I decided to pair them up with 2 Glam Affair seriously awesome outfits I had in my inventory. I think I managed to snatch a couple of really decent shots as well.

So allow me to introduce you to 2 out of the 3 releases:

Ariel and Xania!

::Exile:: Ariel:Stefani

Outfit: -Glam Affair – Xania  Blue


Amira and Delia

::Exile:: Amira:Brownie

Outfit: -Glam Affair – Delia

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