Early Morning

I was up really really late yesterday doing some raids on WOW, and during a little break I spotted the preview Truth had placed on flickr of the latest releases.

Straight away, Jordan caught my eye as for me it was very close to Kami – which is one of my Top 5 Truth hair. The fringe sweep is great and flattering to the face and I also LOVE the fact the the hair is pulled back (again like Kami) it does allow me and likely all ladies ot be able to wear those sculpt/prim detail heavy tops without it being hidden by long hair.

Now if I could convince Truth to make a Lanie II with hair flowing freely in the back, my life would be complete! :-p

 data-recalc-dims=TRUTH< Jordan" width="1024" height="946" />

>TRUTH< Jordan –  light blondes

 data-recalc-dims=TRUTH< Zaria" width="1024" height="946" />

>TRUTH< Zaria –  light browns

So are you like me with sometimes issues with long hair and detailed tops or do you not really bother?

Style Card:

Zaara : Ansuka pearl drop earrings *day*

Zaara : Svara dress {wrapped version} *blush*

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