I love Surprises!

I woke up this morning I got a lovely surprise from the LeLutka Group where a Gift was given!!! I was wondering what it would be and I dutifully unpacked it and started wearing all the layers!


The bikini is lovely and so is the pareo in perfect synch with the Africa themed recent releases we have had from LeLutka!

However… the big surprise was for me the hair! I LOVE it!


Is it me or does it remind you a little of Molly Ringwald hair and hait from back in the 80’s?

[LeLutka]-BREEZE ensemble GIFT – in Group Notices!

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  1. The genius is in the details and the textures and patterns make this outfit the top of its class. Never hurts to put it on a gorgeous model too! A great summer look. Bravo

  2. [http://www.flickr.com/photos/lowe_runo] I totally agree with you, as I have been advocating quite a lot lately for earth tones and nude colors. Always flattering to any skin tone and when you add to that the talent of the designer… well it takes to higher levels!
    As for the model… well she is blushing!

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