Angel Eyes

Earlier today, I posted a small review of the preview release of new Poetic Colors eyes! As I am a big big fan, I also shared the post on Lano Ling’s (the owner) Facebook page.

I will admit and say that I am really picky when it comes to my eyes. I do not switch and change often plus I am super loyal to Poetic Colors as I have only been wearing his brand since as far as I can remember.

Quality aside, the eye color has always been super important. I wear blue eyes, no ifs no buts! Sometimes when done right, I enjoy a blend of purple as well.  When I previously blogged the Gen 2 release a little while back I had already mentioned it.

So in the middle of my review, I made a small appeal (not overly seriously, but still… ) to Lano for “Angelicious” blue eyes.. imagine my surprise when I saw his comment on FB saying that he would! I frankly shrugged it off; I mean the eyes are amazing and I am already a customer for life, so…

That was not over, as I was about to log in world again, Lano dropped me a “preview” of the Angel eyes; I was in shock! Did I mention that they are gorgeous! I do not think he would have gotten it anymore right if I were capable of doing eyes myself!

Angel Eyes

I have to say that I am even more impressed by the quality of the work but also by the person, I mean he really did not have to do anything… but that shows you the true pros and those who actually do care about their customers from other designers. If I was not already hooked, he would have def earned my loyalty for life!

I cannot wait to see the full release and all finalized eyes, I also hope I will get to blog them all and show you how amazing they are!…
In the meantime, I strongly suggest having a browse at the store it is well well worth it!

PS: Lano you rock!

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