Wet T’s

INDI Designs released a very sexy wet top and panties set, which I had to get! Did anyone expect me to resist?

I was not sure how I was going to blog them… so I just went to my beach and enjoyed myself frolicking in the warm tropical waters.


It also allowed me to play a little bit with the water settings; which oddly enough I have never done before! And I got to enjoy a slightly more artistic play with colors….

Missing II

I have to say that INDI had a touch of genius when they added a tattoo layer for water drops! Since I am really terrible on PS…. it looked really good and saved me the agony of doing it myself (which I cant really)

For the occasion I was so happy to see that the latest hair release from Truth would match up perfectly with what I had in mind! So here I am wearing Erika in Swedish with the flower attachement that comes with it!

So for all of you sexxy vixens, head over to INDI and enjoy!

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  1. I’m getting an idea to do a group shot with several ladies in wet tshirts. I bought a new one recently that i havent used yet and this makes me want to!

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