Bon Vivant ~Tableau Vivant

Today was a quite a busy day and I started off with a mini shopping spree, for the occasion I donned on some of the latest designs from Tableau Vivant. I have been quite addicted to their unisex style and frankly it is sexy as hell on either men or women!

So as I got out of Exile with my latest Heloise hairdo, I snapped a new pic for the occasion!


::Exile:: Heloise: Light Blondes

~Tableau Vivant~ Costume design~ Horace shirt v.2 (fixed)

~Tableau Vivant~ Costume design~ Claws v.2 pant

After a quick change and more Tableau Vivant dressing out, I went out to LeLutka and grabbed the recent Victoria hair this time as a brunette!  This tinme, I used the lovely Shirin shirt and did not hide under a lacy bra .. why do you ask? cause my new flowy locks would “cover” the goods!… NOT!

Prometheus & Shirin

[LeLutka]-VICTORIA hair

~Tableau Vivant~ Costume design~ Prometheus pants

~Tableau Vivant~ Costume design~ Shirin shirt

The beauty if the Prometheus pants lie in the ankle prims and the chains holding the back of them together! It was I will admit quite a surprise when when I wore them and I was not disappointed with the effect.

~Tableau Vivant~ Costume design~ Prometheus pants - Back

I still have a lot more to explore with the new Tableau Vivant collection, and you can expect me to be showing them to you more in the days to come!

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