My top 2 prolific skin designer Lara Hurley has just had a new mini release of the Dessa skin. Why do I call it mini? well because this one comes with 5 make-ups  instead of the 8.

Lara Hurley - Dessa Skin

Lara Hurley – Dessa in Pale

Have you noticed the little beauty mark just above the lip?  The quality of the face is as usual flawless, I don’t really go out to find faults in skins I have to say but Lara’ skins are really quite special to me!

The full pack costs L$1900 if I am not mistaken and is well worth every linden!

However, I did not notice in the pack a light brow option for the blondes… I will need to check later and see if I can use without too much damage my other blonde options from previous releases!

In the meantime, enjoy!

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