Glam Affair @ Modavia – Ibis

Modavia fahion week is upon us and I went in to have a look on what is going on, on my stroll I was delighted to see Glam affair exhibiting quite a few lovely pieces or clothing and I picked up sexy Ibis for my first Modavia related post!


-Glam Affair – Ibis

Aida Ewing did such a sexy job on it, that it deserved first dibs for the event! For the occasion, I have matched it up with my all so beloved Layla skin.  I have been quite exited lately about body suits and all their close related tight fitting cousins and this is a stunner!  What did it for me were the amazing work done on the sleeves and the sheer plunging V decolletage!

How is any male meant to resist seeing his lady love in something so sexy?  Well the answer is simple: Don’t!


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