Indyra Originals @ The Vintage Fair

The Vintage Fair started yesterday and let me tell you the regions is PACKED! The 2 regions look amazing, the build is simply fabulous! My one pet peeve really is when you see overly crowded sims where people are walking around in full regalia.

I have a few questions for you… are full primmed ball gowns really necessary? Ladies, we all know by now that those events mean lag hell. So use those pretty brains of yours and just limit the insane amount of prims worn.  System clothing works very well, I even have a lovely system dress by Whippet & Buck that does the trick.  To sum it up… be aware!

So to start it off, I headed straight out to Indyra Originals and a couple of amazing outfits I picked up… for this first one, I channeled a little bit of MJ (may he rest in peace!)….


  • Earrings: *League* Antique Lace Jewelery Set
  • Hair: “LoQ Hair” Bonomo – Mocha
  • Outfit: Indyra Originals Couture: Kato: Ivory
  • Heels: SLink Echo Heels Cream

The other ensemble I totally fell in love with is this lovely take, at least for me on a riding habit. It is gorgeously made and I love the detail of the ruffles as well as the sheer quality of the leggings.


  • Outfit: Indyra Originals Couture: Sia: Soot
  • Hair: ETD Charley – Elika’s Brown
  • Boots: [SG*] Oh! – Boots in Black
You can find the map for the Vintage Fair and all the SLURLs and participants right here!
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