“With Love, Again” Hunt

I love hunts and some are simply amazing! So here we go with round 2 of the CHIC Management “With Love, Again” hunt. We have nearly a month to run around and pick up everything!

The With Love, Again Hunt.

It is truly a delight to show you what you can find on your way… starting with: Dresses

3 Colors

  • (Kunglers) FLW…Hunt item – dress – Black
  • -paper.doll- Sydney – Cream
  • R.icielli – SWEETMAMA minidress – Carmin
Good Luck to you all and have fun hunting!
Expect, some more previews coming your way in the next few days…
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  1. The With Love, Again Hunt.[http://www.flickr.com/photos/66121991@N08] Munique, you were removed and given a full refund after behaving completely inappropriately on several occasions. (A Refund which, by the way, you were not entitled to, but I gave it anyway because I am like that).

    You need to learn to conduct yourself in a professional manner, here again you have proven that you cannot.

    Lastly, whilst this is all fascinating, Sileny is a) not a copybotter and b) not the owner of ‘My Dear’ which you linked to. So I’m not sure what the point of your comment was.

    I’m sorry that your upset that you were removed. I hope you can learn from the experience how to behave in a professional environment.


  2. The With Love, Again Hunt.I can’t wait for the hunt! Last year’s was awesome. I rarely take the time to do hunts, but this is well-worth it. Oh and the texture is adorable. 😀

    And some people have nothing better to do than be hateful. It’s sad that they have such low self-esteem that being cruel to others is the only way they can make themselves feel good.

  3. The With Love, Again Hunt.[http://www.flickr.com/photos/66121991@N08] Wow not only are you an idiot but you are racist AND homophobic. How about you eat a bran muffin and let it go.

  4. The With Love, Again Hunt.[http://www.flickr.com/photos/66121991@N08] oh and also, it’s nice to know that your old store was called George, your alt was Capucine Bartavelle and you were in ‘The Unknown Hunt: Epic Newness’ (which was one of the hunts organised by myself) and closed without telling me

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