Best Of 2011…

My blog is not even a year old, but I have been shopping like there is no tomorrow in SL for about 5 years now.  It makes me laugh when I get comments in world on how ancient I am… reminds me of the good old days when we were only 9000 souls logged in at the same time!!! Yes, and we complained about lag even then.

As I was reflecting back and looking into some pics in my flickr account, i considered it would be a good idea for me to recap the amazing OMG I have to have that 5 mins ago items I got this past year.  I would have to say that some stood out way more than others.

Best of 2011

Yes, we have those little pieces that entered my Second Life History for all eternity, joining in the same category as my undying love and appreciation for  the Last Call clothing line.

Going from head to toe…

Hair: That is really really hard, considering that I adore pretty much anything Truth, Exile, Elikatira or Shag releases.  However, the one style I found myself coming back to oh so very often lately is Jolie from LeLutka. I am in love!

My one wish, would have been to have a slight variation (v2.0), where instead of having the hair being swept to the front, just have it fall back freely. So if you hear my plea dear LeLutka design team, I would be eternally grateful.

Eyes: My eyes are from Poetic Colors, I adore them; so I do not really go shopping for any. I was lucky to blog the gen 2 that came out not so long ago. The color and blending that Lano did was utterly brilliant.

And I have to give Lano Ling a special extra thank you for the little surprise of getting my own angel eyes from him.  Even today, I am still totally stocked about them!

Skin: That is the hardest category to judge really. On the one hand, I have been a Lara Skins addict since I first discovered the brand about a year and a half ago and on the other, there is me falling in love with Layla from Glam Affair.

So which is it? That is tough, but as I tend to go back and forth between brunette and blonde, then I will say that this year for my Blonde self Katya from Lara Skins did it for me, totally!! Why? cause finally Lara did a proper nice red lippy on it! And for my Brunette self, well then I think the cake is equally shared between Layla and Linn from Glam Affair.

As a special mention, I would like to add to the list Mamboo Chic and LAQ. I will admit the latter most impressed me with the Ebba skin, as I got the Ivory skin pack, it felt like the skin was actually glowing from the inside out. I was most certainly impressed! I am looking forward to seeing what else will come up in 2012.

Clothing: Now that is the hardest category of them all.  So many designers, so many clothes and so little body parts to cover or uncover. I think it would be hard for me to name just one store or designer for me to pick from. Or even worse one item of clothing to chose.  I am going to try, but I will apologise if I forget some.

I am a casual girl at heart in RL. In SL, you can wear pretty much anything and be whomever you want.  But for me nothing beats THE pair of jeans! And for that, the ULTIMATE pair of jeans in SL goes to Lou Lou Denim from Mon Tissu.  Hands down, of all the many many pairs I own, this is the one for me.

With the introduction of Mesh and Mesh clothing, things have moved leaps and bound in the fashion world. Again Mon Tissu and Maitreya stand way ahead of the curve. I will also mention Celoe (Mon Tissu + LeLutka) in the group. So much fashion to design!!

I will also mention darlings like Fishy Strawberry, Hucci, Glam Affair, League, Zaara and LeeZu! For a slightly naughtier edgier look, we have designers like LiNe or A&A!

Last but not least, I would like to mention Tableau Vivant, with it’s innovative style and unisex (leading more to men’s though) feel.  I do believe the Aeneas tops all share that special spot in the top with the Lou Lou jeans!  Ok Ok, I admit I adore the whole store! Here I said it!

What is left?

Shoes and Accessories… For shoes, I believe there only 2 main mentions for me that stand out and race straight ahead: Maitreya and SLink. Not forgetting that Mon Tissu, Celoe and LeLutka have clearly also distinguished themselves.

As for Jewelry and accessories, it is again a race ahead for my 4 favorite: Mandala, LaGyo, Miel and Donna Flora.

I realize that I may have forgotten quite a few, and after a long night partying; I will be begging you all to forgive me. This post isn’t about saying that other designer not mentioned aren’t good. No, do not get me wrong, this is just about the ones I was not able to live without in 2011, the kind of stuff I like and suits me.

I am looking forward to falling in love with more creations and designs! And all my best wishes to my most beloved readers and followers.

Good Bye and Thank You 2011, 2012 Here I come!


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