Celoe and Mon Tissu

So the big change this week end is the move of Celoe (Mon Tissu + LeLutka) and Mon Tissu’s Main Stores to Mayfair!  The sim design and both stores are really nicely made!! Since I adore Mon Tissu, I ran there the minute I woke up! It shouldn’t come as a surprise to any of my readers, since I have always been vocal about my my never ending love for my Mon Tissu Lou Lou denim jeans.

I have done a little bit of shopping, not a lot I will admit, but it’s a decent start since at some point with the arrival of people it got more laggy.  So this post is going to be a mix and match of both stores.

Celoe has for group members this lovely mesh top to wear with the latest mesh jeans from Mon Tissu. I totally fell in love with the Xylia pumps, and I think I am going to be wearing a lot of them in the upcoming weeks.


  • {mon tissu} Nora Skinny Jeans (XXS/XS/S/M/L) ~ Indigo
  • Exile Magda for the Dressing Room Blue- Naturals 1
  • [celoe.xylia.pumps.spicymix]
  • [celoe.rhonda.top.true]  – GGift
  • *League* Vintage Jewellery Set

At Mon Tissu, I picked up this lovely new Jersey dress, quite comfy and relaxed look for the coming hot days.

Jersey Dress

  • {mon tissu} Jersey Dress – Pale

At the Mon Tissu Store, right by the main entrance, you can join the Mon Tissu Soiree – Group with a L$1000 fee. I felt it was a bit steep since most paying groups charge around L$250 – 500 range. However, that did not stop me because there were already a few gifts there ready to be picked up.  Now I dont know how often the gift stock will be renewed, but one part of the benefits is a little cash back scheme.

Mon Tissue Soiree + Celoe Zoe Pumps

With Gifts like:

  • {mon tissu} Joy Tee – Mon Tissu Soiree Gift
  • {mon tissu} Burbank Clutch ~ Caramel (Shown with the Jersey dress pic)
  • {mon tissu} Lady Lace Lingerie Set ~ Valentine
  • {mon tissu} Satin Lingerie – Blushing

I am not really showing you the wool tights, cause it is too hot! :-p and let’s not forget those lovely pumps I picked up at Celoe, I am not sure if they are a new release like the Xylia ones, but they are a classic design that will very likely go with anything.

  • [celoe.zoe.pumps.gondola]

There is more at Celoe, but that will likely come with another post, very very soon.  Enjoy your shopping!


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    • Yes indeed, within a few minutes after I got there I could barely move!. I grabbed what I could and ran for my life! That top is a group gift, go and grab it!!!
      Will likely need multiple trips!

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