It’s a Mesh Day

This is a amazing Mesh release week end for me. There were tons to pick from starting with Maitreya and finishing off with Mon Tissu and Celoe. The flickr channel for Celoe has been teasing us for days as to the new releases, and I had no choice but to go in and get them.

I have to admit though, that with Piicnik’s untimely demise on the 19’s putting those pics together had been a nightmare. I am sure like many bloggers, we depended a lot of picnik’s collages feature as well as other elements. Doing this in PS for a non-pro was very close to making me pull my hair out.  However, picMonkey is here, and is as close to picnik as I could find. Since they are adding collages soon, all hope is not lost my fellow bloggers.

So back to main purpose of this post, and let me share with you most of the releases I have found.


  • SLink Cassandra Heels Mushroom
  • Maitreya Mesh Zipper Skinny Pastel * Lavender
  • {mon tissu} Ruffled Shell ~ Pearl
  • [MAGIC NOOK] Monday Morning Earrings (Silver) @TDR

This next one is great, as I got to have in SL what I already got myself as a treat in RL from the Cambridge Satchel Company. Those bags have been trending like crazy these past few months, and I admit that in RL I did not resist one for myself.  The detail on it is simply amazing, and I loved matching it up with that very simple dress.


  • {mon tissu} Sophmore Satchel ~ Floral
  • {mon tissu} Silk Tucked Pencil Dress (XXS/XS/S/M/L) ~ Classic

Simple Eve

  • [celoe.zoe.pumps.gondola]
  • [celoe.may.dress.storm]
  • [MANDALA]Omochi necklace/ BLACK(WEAR ME)
  • [MANDALA]Omochi earrings/ Black (WEAR ME)

Red Silk

  • [celoe.april.dress.pinup]


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