LazySunday with :::LiNe:::: and Other Things

I woke up wanting to be lazy today, but I had no choice but to hop on and get busy when I saw this little cheeky top and leggings from LiNe offered for only L$75 for the LazySunday event!

Lazy Sunday

At the same time, Truth has released 2 new hairstyles (I am only showing you one) and I managed to go to What Next @ the Pose Fair without stress. I admit whenever it is called Fair, I cringe internally due to over-crowded sims and lag hell, However, it was very quiet and I actually enjoyed my time there. I picked up from the fair the lovely Mannequin I will using to show you the sexy getup I am in.

TRUTH Rhonda

  • >TRUTH< Rhonda –  light browns
  • :::LiNe::: Milky & Wave Mix for Lazy Sunday
  • {what next} Mimi’s Mannequin & Wall Art @ Pose Fair
  • [MAGIC NOOK] Monday Morning Earrings @TDR (NEW)
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