Giselle @ Sent to Destroy

Glam Affair, HoD and Tableau Vivant have teamed up for a fabulous collection called Sent to Destroy.

Sent To Destroy

I was not able to attend the show, as it was slightly late a night for me. However, I will be showing you the collection from Glam Affair in mesh in the next couple of days. There is so much to show, it will take more than one post to do it justice.

However, to start it off today, I would like to introduce the latest skin from GA available at Sent to Destroy called Giselle.

Sent to Destroy - Giselle

Giselle has a lot smoother face (less pores) and freckles. I have never really worn freckles before, my first time was with Leah, but here it is slightly more accented. I cannot make up my mind if I would have like to have a version without, but for now I admit I am loving the face. As usual, the make up available for sale are simply stunning!

I usually wear the Natural skin tone, however this time around I will admit liking this skin in Pale. What do you think?

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