I woke up early yesterday morning and as I was browsing through the latest updates on my flickr, I saw Berry’s pics and out of curiosity headed over to her blog. She beautifully introduced with a video, new mesh eyes from Damien Fate.  I have always been a Poetic Colors girl myself when it comes to my eyes and have recently been cheating occasionally with the Mayfly eyes.

I was really curious after watching the really well designed video (Thank you Strawberry for taking the time)  and wanted to have a look myself to see if I would enjoy them.  I patiently waited for Damien to post the release officially on his website and I jumped at the Demo on the Marketplace.

The Demo gives you one eye as well as the HUD to play with.  So I hopped on my pose stand and wore the eye and the HUD. Just as Berry demonstrated in the video, the HUD is very well done and comprehensive. I found it super easy to figure out and play with.


On the HUD, it quickly showed you the existing presets to get you started, and do not forget to wear your alpha layer that came in the pack.  I asked on my plurk line if anyone has tried, as I wasn’t sure they were for me, then Damien Fate (The creator) very kindly asked me for my opinion and already told me he is planning an update.  I do not think those eyes are going to be for my every day SL life, because to be honest I love the eyes I have and do not see the need for a change. However, they have an AMAZING potential for more interesting looks and feel.


I actually enjoyed wearing the “Custom 5” preset with a Dark Giselle skin (@ Culture Shock – Special Edition) and for a second I was back in World of Warcraft looking like a demon lol… So for role playing or for specific photography fun, I can see me actually enjoying them quite a bit.  Now I have to think and put together an Angel in a demon look… hmmm.. that might be tough!

When it came to a first impression, I will say without a doubt that this is a product that has been built with great love and care, and you can see that a lot of thought has been put in the creation and design of it. One of its main amazing features is the random pupil movements – pretty much like in RL, which makes them very natural in feel.  I will not forget to mention that for a price of L$395 they are a super bargain!!!

Now if I had any suggestions for possible updates (Thank you Damien) then I may consider adding a shine free option.


When I was playing with the Custom 1 preset, I wanted to see the eye in full without enhancements (if you see what I mean).

In the Iris texture options, I would love to be able to have in the iris a couple of color mix actually (if possible), I personally have a thing for blue and purple in eyes as a mix. To be able to blend in multiple colors to give more texture. I am not quite sure it is possible, but since I am not creator myself it is best I leave that to the pros.

To sum it up, FATEeyes are a revolution when it comes to eyes customization (did I steal that from Berry??) and I can truthfully say that you could spend ages playing around with the settings.  I would certainly encourage all of the sexy people in SL to give them a try and see how you like them.

Here is the direct Marketplace Link: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/FATEeyes-unlimited-customisation/3512345


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  1. Hi Angel, thank you for the awesome review!

    Quite a few people have requested a third colour blend for the iris (we have two right now with the iris and pupil offering a secondary blend). I’m certainly looking to add that along with much more texture options.

    The update will probably come in a couple of weeks when I have more free time, but I am rolling out a smaller update in a day or so that fix a couple of minor issues.

    Hope you enjoy the eyes 🙂


    • I do! They are really fun to play around with! I have not had the chance to experiment a lot but trust me when I tell you that I am gonna have fun playing!!

      Careful, as I might come up with tons of ideas to make them better :-p

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