On The Go

Bouncer who seems to be as much as a workaholic as I am released this new set of 4 poses @ his Bounce This Poses main store.  I was really lucky to get a copy and I decided to head over to Mayfair for my morning quickie coffee run to give them a try.

Because I was in a rush I only took my phone with me to the coffee shop…
On the Go 1

As I was walking by the groceries store, well I spotted fresh fruit and was debating if I should indulge or wait until I am more awake…

On the Go 2

Since I was rushing, I did forget my sunglasses so I was avoiding the sun…. I could have been a vampire, who knows!? After all I was bitten by one once long time ago…

On the Go 3

Grr…. my telephone rings!!! Really? Can’t a girl have a break?? …. I knew I should have left it home (I couldn’t it’s part of the pose set I am blogging!!!)

On the Go 4

Oh well… nothing major just Bouncer wanting to check if I liked the poses…. well duh!!!! :-p Just wish he had made the coffee less hot! I nearly burnt my tongue on it…

On the Go 5

Ahhh peace and quiet by the water for a few seconds… just before I need to change and get to work for another long day!

This 4 pose set is really cute and I like that I was able to make a little silly storyline with it…. and for L$125 it’s a bargain!

  • Bounce This Poses – On The Go for ONLY for L$125  (Steaming Hot Coffee and Phone included!!!)
  • [LeLutka]-CAPRICA jeans/base
  • -Glam Affair- Leah Natural – 05 D
  • *League* Seashell Blouse -Taupe
  • [e] Millside Flats – Brick/Mushroom (old VIP Exclusive Gift)
  • [celoe.didri.bangles.extra]
  • /Wasabi Pills/ Monique Mesh Hair – Browns Pack
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