The other day, I saw on my feed stream that LeeZu had released a series on Ponchos in mesh. As I was catching up, I only managed to get there and do something about it yesterday.
I loved them, but as I believe they are “transparent on the inside” it made it difficult to make a good photo, at least for me!

So I had to come up with a solution quickly or not be able to show it with all the attention it is due. So, yay here comes the cube again to the rescue!!

Every scarf ponch pack comes with 3 variations in it, in the one I selected, I had a strip normal version, a stripe sheer version and finally a sheer one that is totally different in the pattern. Decisions, decisions….

Cubed Again

  • [LeeZu!] Scarf Poncho (mesh,rigged) /stripes beige
  • GLITTERATI – Cubed
  • {mon tissu} Horizon Twill Trousers ~ Khaki
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