I See Stars – FATEeyes 2.0

Following up on my original post about FATEeyes, Damien has released the 2.0 version after TONS of work. Yup you can see a HUGE difference since the release of the product.

I See Stars!

quite a few more options have been added in all areas of the HUD like here in the Iris tab, and I am quite certain that he is capable of adding a lot more in the future…


One of my favorite little improvement is the No Shine option!!!

2.5 Shine

But that didn’t stop you from picking many more options now (4 pages of them!!)

The main changes that you notice from the get go, is the increased amount of options. I mean tons!!! Someone has been super super busy and it shows.

Starting with the presets…


Let’s not forget the pupil options….

2.2 Pupil Options

and the Sclera

2.4 Sclera

Alright.. alright my favorite is the Effects tab! I am in love with the little stars!!!!

2.6 Effects

I honestly think that no amount of picture I can show you can really give you the pure fun of putting your eyes together, as you can see from my first pic, I saw little stars and I could probably come up with how many combinations?

One thing I would like to mention which I have not showed you in pictures is the facts that you can add/save options. I will admit being a little bit hazy on that since I have not tested it yet. But I did want to mention it.

For those who haven’t bought it yet here is the direct Mar­ket­place Link: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/FATEeyes-unlimited-customisation/3512345  I do believe the rest will have an update upon wearing the HUD.

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