All Colors Purple – Apparently Today!

New hair releases yesterday from Exile and for the first time, I indulged in wearing a non-natural color. Since I was going it, well I did not want to go the pink route really. Plus I was a little “purlply” from my morning post of the coldLogic romper and I figured why not make a day of it.

I have hd that coldLogic top that I did not get to show so I did not really want to miss the opportunity to do so.

All Colors Purple - whole

The Exile London hair is sooo cute, I cannot resist showing you a close up. COme to think of it, I do manage to pull off this hair color, it’s called Passion.. which is like perfect!!!

All Colors Purple - close

My ladies, head over to the Exile main store and feel free to try on a demo.
Kavar, has released another 2 hair styles as well as this one, but in my time honored new tradition :-p the nex hair will come very soon into a second post!

  • coldLogic top – somers.lavender
  • ::Exile:: London Rain:Passion
  • *YS&YS* YourShoes Milano slingbacks Fuxia
  • Maitreya Mesh Zipper Skinny Pastel * Lavender


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