Romeo, What Am I Going To Do With You?

I did promise to do to show you another of Kavar’s new hairstyles! As I was drooling all over them; enters on my Plurk timeline (which is getting naughtier and way more fun by the minute) sexy Ean!

Oh yes! I was a goner @ hello… (which brings back an uber cheesy line from Jerry Maguire).

Thus our story begins with the help of Katey Coppola’s amazing prop: The Balcony! Ring any bells? It is available @ the Glitterati main store and I fell head over heels in love with it! Lucky for me, I managed to get Romeo’s (I mean Ean’s) hands on my bootay at the end of the day!

This courtship was chaperoned by none other than amazing Kaelyn Alecto who was snapping pics of her own (The naughty minx!)  – I do believe there are a couple of them on Flickr already!

It did not bode well as from the start Romeo was an hour late (men!!), as I was despairing for him to show up! I mean we all know the rule where real life comes first.. but… as I had Kaelyn with me, it made time fly until the sexy one finally arrived and sneaked in…

Romeo, What Am I Going To Do With You 1

I was so happy to see him, and he looked so adorable, I couldn’t help myself wanting to at least touch him…

Romeo, What Am I Going To Do With You 2

But since, I was a little annoyed, we sorta kinda had a little disagreement and he nearly walked away.. WHAT!!??? As if I would allow that!!!! Plus is so such a cutie and so sweet. Gosh knows in SL that is a rarity!

Romeo, What Am I Going To Do With You 3

Well… how am I supposed to resist when he gets on his knees? I can’t.. I tried, and I just melted on the spot. In this case.. Resistance was Futile!! (Should I tell him so soon that I am a trekkie?) hmmm.. maybe not!?

Romeo, What Am I Going To Do With You 5

Since no one of import is around, I can sneak him quickly and easily on the balcony to make up… Makes arguing all worth it! :-p

Romeo, What Am I Going To Do With You 4

And finally…. well…. I will leave it to your imagination!

Romeo, What Am I Going To Do With You 6

Will he take me on a second one?

We really had a blast after (shhh I am not telling!) and I kept thinking of the Dire Straits song as we were together, so here it is the theme song of this post!

::Exile:: Kiss Me : Stefani (New @ Mainstore)


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    • Hear hear!!! I sure wouldn’t say no. But I likely will not publish it!

    • Why TY Sam! Who would have thought I could be funny @ the crack of dawn :-p

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