Going Shopping Crazy @ Maitreya

Ok, Don’t look at me like that, cause I really went crazy this morning and bought tons of stuff from the new Maitreya collection. I know, I am officially poor but very pleased with myself.

Going Shopping Crazy @ Maitreya

However, I forgot all about closet space! ..sigh.. So what do I do? Pack up and store the old stuff and out with the new?

Going Shopping Crazy @ Maitreya

I mean really, by looking at it, it is quite small? The question then becomes, do I need a bigger closet now… do I? do I?

Going Shopping Crazy @ Maitreya

Wait a minute… OMG my bootay looks totally fab in those jeans!!

Going Shopping Crazy @ Maitreya

hmmmm… I am going to pull a Scarlett and will think about unpacking later, plus there is a lot more in the bags that I need to play with.
So I am guessing I will be showing you more of my shopping spree in the next post.

In the meantime, my lunch awaits! All that shopping made me really hungry!!

  • Maitreya Cupio-Basics top * Nude
  • Maitreya Mesh Flare jeans * #3

GLITTERATI – The Shopaholic Closet prop @ Main Store Free since yesterday!

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