Cathrine – 22769

The ArisAris Summer Fashion Festival starts today and for this occasion, I was a lucky girl to be given this Cathrine preview dress from 22769 to blog and that will be available at the location durent the Festival.

The Cathrine Dress comes in six different color options, however, for this morning I am wearing the Lilac color.  I just love the big flower on the bottom side of the dress, which reminds me so much of my time in Hawaii and good old Aloha shirts and dresses.



  • 22769 ~ [femme] ArisAris Cathrine Dress Lilac

The event runs from 8th June – 24th June on the ArisAris sim. The Cathrine Dress is an exclusive new release for the Festival and will be available @ the main store also later.


Here is the landmark to the event:

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