Arabian Nights!

I met Sachi Vixen (from Adam and Eve) on plurk and she so kindly shared with me one of her latest skins the gorgeous Esha. When I first wore it, the first idea that came to my mind was Arabian Nights, harem girls and lots of silks.

Now do not ask me why? Cause even I cannot figure out how my mind works at times.   So anyhow, here I am digging into my inventory finding those sexy silks (when did I buy these??!) and here we go… I got to practice a little belly dancing!

ESHA - Full

The body is really smooth and pretty, and not overly shaded or highlighted at least in my opinion, which is really lovely and the best part, easy to match with my SLink mesh prim feet!!! YAY

So back to business, I spotted 13 shades of different make up variations and I am just in love with the khol strong liner on the eyes.. which works well for me for this post and my very see-through outfit!  I know I am not showing you the pictures here, but there was a red lippie to die for ladies!

ESHA - Close 1

Ok I think we now know why my mind went straight to Arabian Nights…

  • Adam n Eve Skins – Esha Light Olive
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