These Are Not …

… The Droids You Are Looking For!

I meant to say (cough cough), this is not a poisoned apple I am holding right now!

This is a perfectly good innocent red apple right out of the tree that I did not inject with any kind of harmful substance! I mean, why would I want to hurt anyone? Really? When you think about it?  Ok, change of subject let’s move on… You did not tell me your favorite Fairy Tale? Which one is it?

Poison Apple - Full

So Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the sexiest one of them all? Hint: There is only 1 acceptable answer!

Poison Apple - close

Perfect answer, every time! Told ya, that apple wasn’t really poisoned… or is it? MUA HA HAAA … to be continued.

  • [LWL] Poisonous Apple (group gift)
  • Lara Hurley-Elaine pink lips

All the credits given above are only for items found @ the Fairy Tales 2012 Event.

Because I am not really all that bad, here is the SLURL for the Fairy Tales Event:

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