Swimsuit Edition

I do not go out very often to blog poses, unless they are really cute props and a lovely set that I totally fancied.  It seems that these past few weeks, I have been living in the Ilena sandals by Slink, so pretty much everything that I wear goes with those sandals.

However, yesterday I saw for TOSL a set of poses for swimsuits, and I could not resist getting the set of 5, and wear my paper.doll bikinis for the occasion.  Lucky for me, the poses were really good, and as a PS noob managed to get really good shots without too many tears at the editing table.

Swimsuit Edition 1

Swimsuit Edition 2

Swimsuit Edition 3

Swimsuit Edition 4

Swimsuit Edition 5

How do you guys like them?

  • Juxtapose – The Swimsuit Edition (v) – TOSL Item
  • -paper.doll- String Bikini: Watercolor Set
  • -paper.doll- String Bikini: Eye Of The Storm Set
  • Slink Womens Natural Barefeet (Mesh Rigged)
  • Slink Ilena Sandals White
  • Ilena(style.angeltzara.com)

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