The Hair Fair is around the corner, and I am really delighted to share with you my first post with this lovely hair from Magpie! I saw it on Flickr a few days back, and I have to admit that I love hair in SL with hats! I love hats in RL too, so I guess that explains it! Please do not forget that Hair Fair raise funds for Wigs for Kids and it is a very important worthy cause!

Hair Fair

At the same time, I am wearing this lovely top from coldLogic, which is a donation item for the ONE VOICE event to help raise funds for Gala! I picked it at the coldLogic mainstore, because sadly when I went to the event, I became crash central and it was super irritating! There are some amazing names helping out raising funds for Gala to help her in her legal battle and you can find the big names like Glam Affair, Exile, The Sea Hole and so so many more!

  • .Magpie – Beggin, Beggin You in Toffee Popcorn @ Hair Fair 2012
  • coldLogic top –
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