Here she is, after a few teaser pics from Aida; I am truly delighted to introduce Cassiopea to you all.

Cassiopea Arctic Intro

She comes in 12 different Make Ups and in Blonde/Brunette and Red brows.

In addition, it seemed to me that there has been work done on the skin tones are they feel totally different to me considering their names now:

  • Arctic
  • Europa
  • America
  • India
  • Jamaica
  • Africa

I have tried to list them from lightest to darkest skin tones! I am currently wearing and showing you the make ups in Arctic skin tone, however I have to say that Europa is gorgeous too with a slightly more “pinkish” hue to it. So I think I may be bouncing back and forth between the two for a while.

Here are the different Make ups available:

Cassio 1-4

Cassio 5-8

Cassio 9-12

I have taken the pics in a simple light setting without any mods at all. Just to show you the amazing work done on the face, as for the body, I think it will warrant another post, as I want to be able to explore it further now that we have new skin tones.

I tend to focus more on face and make ups personally, but I realize that some well like to make sure the skin is “tight” from Head to Toe…

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  1. Cassiopea Arctic IntroWow! This is amazing! The detail is incredible!

    What is… ÃRT work
    art work award
    if you receive 3 comment awards,
    please post your picture in the gallery
    ☆Thank you for sharing your ÃRT work P1/C1☆

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