In Teal – Ri.Cielli Diamond Hunt

I did not realise how hard it was going to be getting back into serious blogging after being gone for about two and a half weeks thanks to holidays and evil final paper for finance class.  However, as I am getting back into the swing of things little by little, I stopped by the latest TDR and picked up this very sexy Diva Jumpsuit from Ri.Cielli.

In Teal

At the same time, for shop the collection, they have a lovely pack of 4 items to pick up at their Main Location.  Imagine my surprise when I got there and saw that Ri.cielli was having a Diamond Hunt in their Mesh store. 20 HUGE diamonds to find (I mean you seriously cannot miss them) all priced @ L$15 to pick up lovely Ri.cielli mesh clothing, accessories, a skin and finally some make up!

The poster @ the entrance shows you which item goes with each Diamond number, so I guess if you francy just a few things, then you can just go hunt for those items. And priced @ L$15 isn’t it a bargain?

I might just do a follow up post this evening and show you what I got from there, but at the moment, my first item to share from the hunt is this lovely bag! What do you think???


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