If you are a Truebie like me, you would know that Lilith is a very mean and evil vampire goddess! But this time, Lilith is an amazing brand new skin from Glam Affair, and I am so delighted to introduce her to you all my ladies!

Just like the previous release Cassiopea, Lilith comes in 6 skin tones (Lighest to Darkest):

  • Arctic
  • Europa (What I am wearing!)
  • America
  • Jamaica
  • India
  • Africa

We have 12 different make ups and an additional 6 lip glosses to chose from. As usual, the 3 brows are available in blonde, red and dark.

So here she is with all the lovely new make ups:

Lilith 1-4

Lilith 5 - 8

Lilith 9 - 12
And just to make things even more exciting, Aida also released a special version as a group gift!

Lilith - Group Gift

All and all, a great start for a Saturday!

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