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As you have noticed last post, I was wearing the latest release from Gos that was available at FaMESHed.  What I did not mention, is the amazing HUD that comes with the new line and how easy it is to actually skin match.

I will be the first one to admit that the bane of my life other than lag is matching skins with prim/mesh attachements like shoes, hands etc… some I have found are easier than others.  BUT, and that is a big but this one is the mommy of all skin matching HUDs.

I was chatting with the Gospel himself when he told me a few weeks back about the new HUD he was working on and I have to say, I was really curious and internally praying that I wont be disappointed. The heels are in and I can tell you right now that those babies are awesome and I am in love with the matching.

So if you weren’t aware, here are some of the latest releases…


[Gos] Boutique - teaser

[Gos] Boutique - teaser


And here is a preview of the HUD

You attach it just like every other HUD

Onetime HUD

Which will then open a drop down menu to direct you to the site to match your skin, as a Glam Affair skin wearer (mostly) I was delighted to see it there along with some other favorites including Lara Skins, Adam N Eve, Al Vulo and so many others!!

Onetime Site - Skins

When you do that then the skin is synched with your HUD and you can see it on the site first where you can select up to 5 choices

Onetime Site - 5 skins match

And finally they will synch with your HUD in world and its just a click away to apply! Do not forget also to change you nail polish to suit ur mood or your outfit!

Onetime HUD - nails


It is so simple to use, I wonder why no one thought of it before!

Thank you Gospel for saving my sanity!

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