Luria @ GATCHA

I can never resist any Glam Affair skin, after all that is pretty much all you see me wear 90% of the time.  So when Aida, put in GATCHAs the new Luria skin, I went over and I started playing!  I will not mention the lag and my crashes, as it is expected in very busy areas, but that did not deter me from getting the whole set, and quite a number of duplicates of most.

Luria’s tone is in Europa, which is light but not the lightest shade Glam Affair has on offer at the moment. So here it is:

You have 12 COMMON Make ups


And I separated the 3 RARES cause they are AWESOME!!

Luria - RARES

So if you want one in particular, drop me a PP (Private Plurk), or leave me a comment here as I have for some of the skins multiple copies!

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