For Donna

This is what happens when one goes on holidays for 2 weeks and is cut off from SL and the internet in general on a cruise ship.  One misses important things!

I do not like editorialising one bit, and if you have noticed recently I gave up any kind of talk on my blog other than Berry’s memes in favour of simple pics.  As an ancient dinosaur of an avatar, I have been through hell and back in SL, it actually makes you worry about humankind in general and in my case force me to keep more to myself and limit certain interactions in-world for the sake of my sanity.  However, there are moments where I get hope about the goodness of the people and our ability to come together when one of us is down.

I just realised next week after catching up on my Plurk, Plus and other Social media that Donna Flora’s designer Squinternet Larnia is ill and battling Cancer.  Over the years, Donna Flora has created some of the most exquisite jewelry.

For Donna

  • Donna Flora ALAIR

Second Life residents have come together to help raise funds for her.  The Love Donna Flora Event opens it’s doors on July 25th until August 11th.

Over 100 generous designers and content creators have joined forces in order to help Fundraise for her.  It is truly heartwarming to see everyone wanting to help and contribute.  There is hope for us yet!

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