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Once again, I wanted to wish everyone following my little blog a Happy New Year 2014 and all my best wishes to you all. This ought to be a special post as it is my first of the year!

For this occasion, I made it simple and got to play with my new Elf ears from Mandala. I did see them last week when they were made available for both men and women, and in two lengths short and long. I am currently wearing the Short version and I did get the more complete pack for L$777, but you can get cheaper versions for around L$300ish with “less” options available.

I don’t usually go into fantasy or any non-human avatar incarnations, well it has been years since I goofed around as a Greenie, so me getting Elven ears was a an interesting step. Maybe I am under the whole influence of Tauriel (from The Hobbit – Desolation of Smaug) or maybe my own Blood Elf character on World of Warcraft, so here it is, little Angel with Elven ears and I have to say, I am loving the look.

The mesh work is really nicely done and I cannot complain about the skin matching, though it is usually my pet peeve. But as I have used previously the other simpler ears, that was easy! I mean I knew what I was getting into.

So here is the Complete HUD of the Full version, but I suggest you head over to the Mainstore and decide according to your needs! Now, this Angel may be walking around with Elven ears for a little while!


  • -Glam Affair – Mokatana – America ( Happy Xmas <3 )

PS: Any hair designer int he mood to create the Tauriel braided hair, I would be eternally grateful!

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