When it comes to my shape, I have pretty much OCD, when I first started in SL back in 2006 there weren’t all that many stores so I started my Second Life, by playing around with sliders until Angel was properly born and far away from my original noob self.

I can pretty much say that I have remained quite “untouched” until the advent of mesh, where I have had to modify bits and pieces in my sliders in order to ” get closer” to some of the sizing. I was not too far off, but fighting Alphas and what not was too annoying after a while.  Though I was never all that curvy-licious, I became “thinner”.

Came the advent of the Phat Azz, which I admit I pretty much ignored until a couple of days ago, as I was chatting with a really good (but oh so naughty) friend on Flickr and he mentioned that there was now a “slimmer” version of the bootay in question i.e. the Cute Azz.  I admit I was intrigued as I did not know about it! So here I go to L*inc to check this out and grab a demo.

To make it fair, I also grabbed a demo of the Phat Azz as well, just so that I could compare, and I gave it a go as I stripped down to try both Cute and Phat and see.

Since I don’t like modifying my shape – i.e. OCD as previously mentioned – Phat went out the door for me when I had to make changes to my shape to fit the “Ass” properly, as seen on the comparison pics (non edited) I frankly did not even bother, and when looking @ my frame overall, let’s face it it did not fit, nor will even look right unless I modified my whole shape to make it “work”. I recalled a post Berry did on the subject right here:


Phat, Cute & Mine (Unedited)

However, as I tried on Cute, that went much better!  The curve is much improved compared to my own, less editing required as I truly suck at that, and I also felt it was not too far off from me, that it would NOT make me totally uncomfy wearing it.

Funny, just like Berry, it is not something I would be wearing on a daily basis, same as I don’t wear my Lolas all the time either (Let’s be honest, they are too huge for my frame as well), but I think it is a nice option to have especially when I go on making my more “undressed” picture shoots.  Come to think of it now, I wouldn’t mind “smaller” Lolas as well for thinner shapes!

What do you think?  Are you a Phat or a Cute?

Cute Azz

  • Exile::Right Through You
  • -Glam Affair – Magenta skin – Asia – 05 G
  • B&C by Legal Insanity – Selina catsuit zebra red
  • [MAGIC NOOK] Starry Night Double Ring (Silver) MESH
  • fri. – Maggie.Heels (Tiffany)
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