My Own Personal Version of Hell: Picture Editing

When it comes to picture editing, I admit that in my case there is a lot of crying, pleading, cussing and banging head on desk etc… going on. I am telling you, it is not pretty my friends!

Ta Promesse

Let’s recap, I suck at Photoshop, in my opinion it is the spawn of the devil! Thanks to a friend of mine I moved form CS5 to CS6 and pretty much the only thing I use it for is Liquify, and even then I am not quite sure I do it right! (Yes, I promise I watched plenty of videos on YouTube and read a lot of Tutorials!) So this is the hell I have to go through to try and post a picture I consider half-decent! (though I have to say I manage to surprise myself at time).

So after some Liquifying, sometimes I move to Gimp and/or Pixelmator for further adjustments. I sometimes have to go through that circle on multiple occasions to make sure I am somewhat satisfied with the result.

Then, I go to PicMonkey for some finishing touches and then finally Share it to Flickr!

Let’s see, all of this takes me forever to get done, and this is mostly for those of you out there fellow bloggers struggling along just like me… what do you do? do you have any tricks that help you?

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