Just Peachy – Inventory Cleanup!

I am up in the upper 70k of items in my inventory and I figured it is time for cleanup. ¬†So I started out with old hair and I was so sad to say goodbye to some of my old ETD Hair and other prim creations dating back from 2006. ¬†It is so funny as I wore everything to make sure I didn’t throw away something I still thought as cute and possibly usable and came across a few things that left me laughing as I do not recall ever buying those things. ¬†Something like… “what the hell was I thinking, when I bought this?”


I do not know for you guys but I do find it really hard to let go of certain items as they are attached to good memories, so the progress is slow but I find for clothing it is a lot easier when you look at some old layer and prim clothing and I am referring to that era even before sculpties.

Which takes me to a question I have been pondering of late, which is there are certain items that I adore and that were really well made back in the day and I keep telling myself that I would SO love it, if well the designers would remake them in Mesh. ¬†I realise it is hard work, but surely certain wonderful design such as what I wearing now, would be well worth it, and I know this time I would go for every color. ¬†Plus, it is a good way to re-introduce “classic” pieces of clothing to newer residents as well.

Just like the Jolie hair I am wearing in this picture from LeLutka, I recall when it was first released it was in 2 parts, and then it was re-released again as one piece, which I went and bought all over again… so… maybe I am not all that crazy after all?!?!

What do you think?  Have I lost it completely of have you thought of it as well?

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